Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome Back to New York - Part #1

Stuff I Love about New York:
The sky as seen through the stencil of tall buildings that wear watertowers like crowns.

(2) New York June-July 2010 126

Stuff I hate about New York:

New York June-July 2010 018


Your ass might get a gun painted in a stylish color.

Guns or no guns, my trip to the great state of New York was fabulous. It was the perfect balance of city and country. I arrived at JFK, caught a taxi to Prospect Heights, and was then promptly whisked off to a roof-top wine tasting party in Manhattan. That does not suck.
My first 48 hours back in New York were so delicious that it felt like New York City was throwing me a welcome back party. Yes, New York. I love you too.

Anyway I did so much stuff that I don’t wanna bore you with so I’ll skip to the highlights:

1. Wine and cheese at Balthazar’s with my partner in art-world domination. Followed by a performance by Carolee Schneeman at Location One. Yes that Carolee Schneeman.


2. Bought my favorite OPI nail polish colors: Big Apple Red and Midnight in Moscow

3. New running shoes!


4. Free tickets to see “Fela” on Broadway. So good I got goosebumps.



5. Two Hour lunch at Old Homestead SteakHouse.

New York June-July 2010 244

6. Girlfriend Gallery hopping meet-up in Chelsea.

7. Complimentary Dinner at Maze by Gordon Ramsay at The London, followed by a tour of the kitchen.




Dude I was in Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen! (And no he wasn’t there… which is kinda fine with me cuz let’s face it---he’s a scary man.)

All that and I haven’t even told you about the week I spent upstate.

To Be Continued…

Monday, July 19, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!

People. As much as I love to travel, I can honestly say I have never been quite this happy to be home! I got back to the Barbie Dream House on July 13th. My luggage arrived on July 14th. (F*ck Thank You Air France!) I stopped being jetlagged on July 18th. I will resume blogging sometime before July 23rd.

So many pictures, so little time! Gimme a sec to catch my breath. I'll be back shortly.