Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Year New Work!

So as most of you know I've been mulling over ideas for this whole new series of drawings for what seems like ages. Well, after the holidays were finally over I actually got to work.


A few of my new drawings and an explanation of the new work from my new handy dandy artist's statement:

My most recent projects are very much influenced by my recent life changes, the most influential of which was becoming an immigrant to another country. This paradigm shift inspired a sudden fascination with maps as tools that orient and ground us in the world and in reality.

Maps represent the relationship between any given place and the world around it. My new work employs maps of countries, cities, history, wars, and battles, juxtaposed with simple silhouettes of children playing and jumping rope as a way to draw attention to the relationship between the lines and boundaries we draw to create our maps of reality, the conflicts that result, and the victims we create.

This new imagery is also a way to reconcile the purity of childhood with the often horrific reality of the modern adult world. With battle lines being drawn around us, we must constantly shift, and decide where to stand. It is an endless game of one foot, and then the other, half in, or half out.

We are constantly being asked to choose sides.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Magic Broccoli and scrambled eggs.

At the ass crack of dawn this morning I had to go to Centre ville to apply for my TEN YEAR residency card. (Lots of paperwork in French, waiting in long lines. Slow ass civil servants)
I was so stressed out after the whole process that I stopped at the grocery store with the sole intention of buying a candybar (yes, shamefully I am a stress eater), but then the strangest thing happened:

When I entered the store I went straight to the candy section, I had the damn candy bar in my hand, but my body put the candy bar BACK on the shelf and then walked directly to the produce section and chose a big ass bunch of broccoli, a salad dressing mix packet, and a mini one serving bottle of red wine.

I swear it was like invasion of the body snatchers.
Who am I? What am I becoming? I'm afraid that if I go look in the mirror I won't recognize myself.

p.s. I got home and weighed myself only to find that I've MAGICALLY already reached my goal weight for this week. Which just goes to prove my theory that broccoli is magical.