Friday, May 13, 2011

A Blast From The Past: Why I Heart France: Reason # 5

The French mother-in-law is a much maligned creature. Much like her American counterpart, La Belle Mere (literally translated: "Pretty Mother") is often accused of being overbearing, demanding, and have been known to coddle their sons to the point of co-dependency. More than a few of my friends have told me their Belle Mere horror stories, so it appears I have hit the French Mother-in-law jackpot.

Today my own French Mother-in-law stopped by for coffee on her way home from her weekly "soin de visage" (Fancy french facial treatment). Not only did she fold the mountain of laundry that was piled on our bed, she took all the wrinkled items home with her to iron. She then proceeded to dry & put away all the dishes I had just finished washing. Oh and did I mention that she just happened to bring along a hot baguette from the best boulagere in town and a fresh green bean salad topped with her nearly legendary sweet vinaigrette?

...And some people ask me if I'll ever move back to the states.
Well let me tell you now, that living under these conditions makes it highly unlikely.

What can I say? I married well.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Why I Heart France Reason #20: Pimps.

If you ever happen to be at the Novotel hotel in Metz, be sure to stop by "Le Bar" and order a "Pimp in Soho".

Extra credit points if you do it with a straight face.

I bet you can't do it.