Friday, July 15, 2011

My Big Fat French Life.

So many thing, So many thing So many things!

There’s so much stuff going down in my so-called ‘hood these days that I barely know where to start. Screw it, I’ll just start with the things I’m most excited about:

1. I gotz de flowers! After 2 years of awful summers, I’ve actually managed to get a little rooftop garden growing at the Barbie Dream House.

It is truly awesome! Special thanks to French Mother-in-law and French Father-in-law…who basically did all the work while I stood around and grimaced and moaned.

2. I have new artwork! I’m in the middle of working on a new series called “The Coronation” for my September exhibition in NYC. (more on that in a minute. Just hold your horses.) Wanna hear me talk about it? Take a look at my promo video in which I am wearing my super-fly pink star earrings.

3. And last but not least—the thing that’s totally taken over my life: For the last 8 months I’ve been planning and organizing an incredible art event that kicks off September 8th in New York City. It’s called “6x6” (pronounced six by six) and it is going to be totally RIGHTEOUS.

Basically 6x6 is the art version of a music festival with six back-to-back exhibitions sandwiched between a whole slew of events aimed at bringing artists and art lovers together in a totally “no art snobs allowed” way.

Long story short, I met artist Charlie Grosso in 2009 when we were in an exhibition together. Eventhough she lived in Los Angeles at the time, we stayed in contact….and voila---a year later we had formed Baang and Burne Contemporary Art. A kind of freestyle curatorial gallery project that stages short term exhibitions in New York City.

At the moment we are in FULL-ON fund-raising mode to pull off this event. We have 20-something days left in our fund-raising campaign over at kickstarter.

It’s pretty easy and takes about 2 minutes. We’ve raised $6400 so far. But I just need a little push to cross the finish line. Please watch the video if you want to see me hopped up on 3 double espressos:

If you can back my project for $10 that would be great, but if you’re willing to back me for $25 or more you can score some really cool rewards! The $200 reward is actually one of my limited edition, hand-pulled lino-cut prints from the coronation series. (That's about half the regular gallery price.) Click here to become an Art Hero:

So that about brings us up to date I think.

Oh wait, also, I lost 25 lbs. But that’s a story for another post.


-Your beloved, Madame K.