Monday, November 21, 2005

This parking lot could be our next home.

Yes. We're house hunting. Apartment hunting to be more exact. We've seen several places in all shapes and sizes, but nothing that quite fit both our needs and our budget. UNTIL--Thursday we found an ad in the paper for this lil baby in Metz Sablon. Right now it looks like this:

But by the end of 2006 it will look like this:

We called the builders and they faxed us the blueprints Friday afternoon. We went to look at the actual building site on Saturday afternoon. This morning we made an appointment to meet with the architect for Thursday evening. *crossing fingers*

Side note: if we do end up buying this place , you will never see us again as we will have no reason to leave the apartment. I can't speak for David, but I for one, will be spending the next 15 years in my studio on the first floor, and on my private roof terrace & garden getting all tanned and leathery.

I am in looooove!

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