Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Magic Broccoli and scrambled eggs.

At the ass crack of dawn this morning I had to go to Centre ville to apply for my TEN YEAR residency card. (Lots of paperwork in French, waiting in long lines. Slow ass civil servants)
I was so stressed out after the whole process that I stopped at the grocery store with the sole intention of buying a candybar (yes, shamefully I am a stress eater), but then the strangest thing happened:

When I entered the store I went straight to the candy section, I had the damn candy bar in my hand, but my body put the candy bar BACK on the shelf and then walked directly to the produce section and chose a big ass bunch of broccoli, a salad dressing mix packet, and a mini one serving bottle of red wine.

I swear it was like invasion of the body snatchers.
Who am I? What am I becoming? I'm afraid that if I go look in the mirror I won't recognize myself.

p.s. I got home and weighed myself only to find that I've MAGICALLY already reached my goal weight for this week. Which just goes to prove my theory that broccoli is magical.

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