Friday, April 21, 2006

I need more crap.

I hate to blog and run with so much going on right now, but between my nasty cold, my 31st birthday, and our trip to see the Berlin Biennial I'm just exhausted.

But I do have a photo to share.

I took this a few weeks ago while on one of our many insane hunting, I mean shopping trips to find more crap for our imaginary apartment that as of now only exists in the form of publicly posted building permits. Anyway I took the photo because the slogan just struck me as odd: "True life begins on the inside." Philosphical rhetoric at a furniture store?

Anyway, I was just kinda hanging onto the photo and almost trashed it untill I watched this documentary last night called The Corporation. And then suddenly it all became clear!

Indeed I do need that 7000 euro leather sofa and the new 5 door Mercedes A-class with the chocolate interior. (notice chocolate egg in photo) These items define me. I must fill my want with endless amounts of crap and then wait for the corporations to make ads that create further wants in my shallow little consumer brain.

*deep sigh*

And on that note I'm going shopping for new underwear. Because in fact that WILL make my life better.


Jul said...

You crazy. Blog about Berlin, dammit.

Gaby de Wilde said...

I get it, you are the easter bunny!