Saturday, June 03, 2006

No place like home Part #2

In all honestly, I feel like the true title of this second post should be:
"Stuff is bigger in America."

Like mayonnaise:

And Soda:

And Cheeseballs.

And if for some reason your local Super Wal-mart is out of Gi-normous mayonnaise, soda, and cheeseballs...

you can always slap 8-10 obnoxiously large "support our troops" stickers on your big-ass SUV and drive 2 minutes to the next 24-hour super Walmart.


Jul said...

Yay, you finally put up the cheese balls! Now when are we getting together for some mayo wrestling?

kaskaZ said...

The Sode & Cheeseballs shots are priceless. Can you e-mail them to me? I want to hangthem in my kitchen.

epiphany7 said...

omg, that mayonaise shot made me feel sick.

and i swear, whenever i see "support our troops" stickers on suv's, i always think they should say something more accurate, like, "i personally make sure our troops have wars to fight by driving a 3(three) mpg vehicle, virtually necessitating the US robbing people of color the world over for their natural, non-renewable resources."

yay, america!