Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lost in Zurich

I haven't posted in almost a week and I feel horribly guilty. So just to fill in the blanks, here are some photos from my 4 day trip to Zurich.

Zurich is pretty at night.

" I love taking the tram!"
Afternoon boat ride.

My swollen feet.

And last but not least, a random photo of Wienerschnitzel.

Verdict: The whole time I was in Zurich I kept thinking I was in the G-rated version of Germany. Zurich is nice and clean and pretty, but it's obscenely over-priced and quite frankly I prefer a liitle filth every now and then.
I give it a solid 6 on a scale from 1-10.
Better luck next time Switzerland!


Jennifer said...

I love your blog! It's so interesting to see what you have to say about living in France. I'm getting ready to move there myself in October, with my (French) husband! We're excited about the move and can't wait to get there and settle in. I know I'll have some adjustments to make, but that's ok, I'm looking forward to them!

Sara said...

you look so cute on the tram :)

you have to come to the French part of Switzerland, its so much cooler here!

buzzgirl said...

I like a little filth in my cities too. I prefer to know that actual people live there. Otherwise the towns just feel fake - like Disneyland (shudder.)

Lady K said...

You expect some filth in big cities. But I an Canadian and we're neat freaks compared to Europeans. Paris did not prepare me for Naples though... Naples is very filthy and the garbage just piles up.

Anonymous said...

Will you talk about how you ended up in France and how you met your hubby (if it's not too personal)? I am a black woman also interested in livien in France. Merci.