Monday, October 30, 2006

Day 10 - In Tokyo

"I don't want to leave."

"So don't. Stay here with me. We'll start a jazz band."


We try to find galleries in Ginza but were up to early and everything is closed until 11AM. We wander around and window shop. Its a swank neighborhood and clearly we are underdressed, but we are too tired to care now.




We finally go into a few galleries. Nothing fabulous, but some nice things. One gallery owner offers us tea----it turns out to be poison tea! We drink it out of respect for our hosts. I almost gagged. I literally have to hold my breath to finish it. French Boy finishes his in one gulp.


smoking section

After that I’m too scared to go to more galleries for fear they will give us tea too. So we went to the Sony building and sampled noise canceling earphones---TOO COOL! I want one of those electronic book prototypes---oh and the home theater system. Coooool!


After Sony we hopped a train to Ikebura so French Boy could check out the more cars at the Toyota showroom. I sit in the waiting area and have a soda while he shops for cars we will never buy…and aren’t even available in Europe anyway. The security guard lady chats with me to practice her English. These people are so nice! I love Japan! French Boy finally returns with 30 kilos of car catalogs. I roll my eyes then sigh and we leave.


After we go shopping----I try to convince French Boy to buy a man purse. But he can’t find one he likes. We visit all 7 floors of the Tokyo Hands store. Neither of us buys anything in the end.


Eventually we go out for pizza and it actually doesn’t suck. We order a pitcher of whisky sours and get a little drunk. I’m sad to leave tomorrow. I love it here. I loath the idea of going back to France with all the rude dirty people. People in Japan are Niiiiiiice. I haven’t had to use my middle finger in 10 whole days.

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