Saturday, December 16, 2006

More French Grocery Store Blogging.

Last week SNCF the French train was on strike yet again. This is in no way surprising since those people will strike over damn near anything. The French are famous for their protests, but milk protests are perhaps my favorite subject of protest to date.

Here in France, where people are quite happy to buy their meat from the butcher, their afternoon baguette from the local baker, and their cigarettes and newspapers from the local "tabac", the one-stop large scale, American-style supermarket shopping experience is still a relatively recent convenience that doesn't exactly agree with many cultural traditions. Earlier this week we found these adorable signs posted in the milk section of the grocery store.

anniversary dinner 004

"Stop the abusive margins of the distributors. For a fair milk price I side with the producers!"

What amused me the most was that the store employees either hadn't noticed the signs or simply hadn't bothered to remove them. They're big and yellow so I believe it's the latter.

anniversary dinner 007

In any case, in spite of the apparently inflated milk prices we bought some. And no---in France the milk is on a shelf and it is not refrigerated.


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