Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I hope they're singin' Doo-wop.

I know Christmas is over and everything, but I found this little gem at La Poste (the Post Office) last week. It was in the display case right next to the fancy christmas postal boxes.

blacklips's happening here? Are they.........singing? Are they all wearing red lipstick? And what is that little Angel doing to Joseph? Is he drunk? Did he fall down? Have they no decency? Baby Jesus is watching for Christ's sake!

Too many suspicious happenings. I will just leave it at that.


buzzgirl said...

Oh my. It looks as though Joseph is looking around to make sure that no one can see that he's getting "treated" by the angel...

epiphany7 said...

this is just wrong on SO many levels... i don't know what to say!

well, other than "only YOU would find (and document!) this!!!" :)