Monday, January 22, 2007

Left-over Weekend Photo Blogging.

Everytime we venture into Metz we head straight to the Barbie Dream House. And each time we hold our breath and secretly wish that somehow when we arrive at the construction site, the entire building would magically be finished.

So far it hasn't happened, but we are hopeful. It's moving along quite nicely. Here's me standing in front of our garage. I look entirely too goofy and you can tell just from a quick glance how I love carbohydrates.

On a completely different note, I learned that not all French people thing that foie gras is the cat's meow.

So there ya have it. Now, I'm going back into hibernation mode. I may be out again by the end of the week.


joke said...

DH and i are just the same - its freezing in our place and we still are always hanging out there, checking out what is happening. Isnt building (or renovating) the barbie dream house fun???

I posted picks on googlegroups if ya wanna see :)

barbara said...

Hi there Madame K & Bonjour à French Boy !
I'am happy to find other blogs of expats in France :) .
I'am like yourself, a US expat in France, happily married to my French soul mate.

I just started a blog last November; come on in & say Hi !
I'am enjoying your's.

Take care, and see you later,