Monday, March 19, 2007

Doin' the wheel barrow.

I'm leaving for New York in exactly one week and 1.5 hours so I'm really busy and super stressed out, but I wanted to post these pics at least.


Saturday we kidnapped French mother & father-in-law and broke into the construction site of our new apartment building and actually went INTO our apartment!


We checked out the 4th floor and then of course realized that DUH---there were no stairs yet so we climbed up to the 5th floor to see the bedrooms on an old rusty and wet aluminum ladder. Thank God I have my tentinus updated.


After I climbed the ladder MIL got sick (really bad vertigo) and had to go back down and wait for us in the building lobby.


I have no idea why my hat says "MoMo", but here were are in OUR BEDROOM.....which looks about the size of a closet.


Luckily cousins Seb & Sandrine, who just had their apartment built last year, had warned us months ago that when you see the load bearing walls at first it looks tiny and you just have to trust that it matches the blueprint.------otherwise I would have panicked. In fact I did panic and we ended up moving some walls around on the blue-print the next day.



But whatever, the view from the terrace kicks fat asses and that was just from the side I wasn't too chicken to go onto. (It was pissing rain and the guard rails aren't installed yet!)

In other news, our Star Trek Master Bathroom:


Et Voila!


Jennifer said...

Have a great time in NY!

buzzgirl said...

The progress looks very encouraging - even though I can't picture the final result.

Good luck in New York/Vermont. I hope you have a great time.

P.S. Your RSS feed works again. Yay!