Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New York Blah Blah Blah

In New York City everything changes and everything stays the same.

VSC1 058

It's lovely and dirty and wonderful and fucking horrible. Thursday I met up with Buddy for lunch and we almost burst our bellies on steak and wine.

VSC1 013

Before liquor

VSC1 017

After liquor

VSC1 016

Later that night we met up with Tasha (who is just cute as a button by the way) and we about did ourselves in completely by hitting the 25th street gallery openings....where I saw the same art nerds that I knew way back when I still lived in the city. We laughed, pointed, and drank up free wine untill they finally threw us out at 8PM.

VSC1 050

Saturday Kelly and Kasia hosted a semi-birthday bash at their sweet place in Brooklyn....complete with an easter egg hunt, a pinata, and plenty of gluten free and vegan food. Fun was had by all.

VSC1 090

VSC1 096

bottom line: I love my friends.

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VSC1 079

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