Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Art of Opening in Four Languages.

Mind you, I only tell people I speak 1.75 languages, but I managed to get through my first European art opening without any problems.

The Europa Museum is quite literally on the border of France, Luxembourg, and Germany, so the guests were from all three countries. At any given moment you could hear people speaking German, English, French, and Luxembourgish. It does make the head spin a bit, but after 4 years here I’ve grown used to it. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to explain to this lovely German gentlemen what the word “Octoroon” means. At one point I almost resorted to stick figure drawings, but somehow we got through it.

He was such a gracious listener and very interested in what I had to say with my narratives.

Actually the older German visitors were the most interested in my work, which surprised me. So now of course, I am all but certain that German will be the next language I learn. Scheisse!

So that’s that. My first show in Europe is hanging. I haven’t quite processed all that my brain has gone through in the last week or so, but right now I feel content and relieved to have one project finished. I have alot on my plate from now until September, and I can’t wait to get moved into my new studio so I can really get to work!

So many ideas, so little time!

Tonight I have work hanging for a 4th of July celebration thrown by the American Embassy in Luxembourg. In light of the current political climate concerning the US & the explosions in the UK, I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully I won't have to get strip-searched to enter. Plus my work is already hanging there, but I haven't even received an invite! WTF?


Samantha said...

Oh wow, I'm so impressed - I don't have a creative bone in my body!

buzzgirl said...

Oh my god! Congratulations! That is so fantastic. I'm very happy for you.

Happy 4th of July.

Anonymous said...

that's fantastic! congratulations! will the exhibitions still be on in september so I can go see?

Angry Black Woman said...

Congrats! I hope everything went ok at the American Embassy!

JamRock said...

Goes to show that communicating is an 'art' - it's not just about words!!

Congrats! Hope the opening was to your pleasing!!

Miss Winston said...

Congratulations on your opening!

I am such a nerd…I stumbled across your blog a while ago but was too nervous to comment. Today I decided to jump right in.

I’m moving to Paris in August and it’s been really nice reading about your life in France. Hope you keep blogging!