Thursday, October 04, 2007

Those Crazy Frogs #1

I’m starting a new post category here on MSCL in France. I would like to name it “Those Crazy Frogs”. Under this category you will find all things related to French pop-culture, French celebrities, French current events, or any manner of French nonsense.

Shall we begin?

I’m not much of a morning person, but my Frenchboy watches Telematin each morning while munching on his breakfast biscuits. Telematin is pretty much the French version of The Today Show, complete with interviews and segments on all sorts of nonsense. So imagine Frenchboy’s surprise when he tuned in to see the regular host and the show’s producer William Leymergie, had been replaced.

"I'm gonna git you sucka!"

The story goes, that Mr. Leymergie got into an altercation with Jean-Philippe Viaud, the theatre correspondent, in which he got so pissed off, that he jumped Viaud and strangled him until he lost conciousness. Or as Chris Tucker would so eloquently say: "He passed the f*ck out!"

Jean-Philippe Viaud aka "The Chokee"

Apparently the whole thing was quite serious, with Viaud being rushed off to the hospital in an ambulance. As a response, the channel France 2 suspended Leymergie for 15 days as punishment. For choking a dude. Until he passed out. And had to be taken to the hospital.

My comments on this matter:

1. William Leymergie is a grumpy old French bastard who condescends to everyone, especially the women on the program. I despise him. I think as punishment for choking Viaud, I should be able to choke Leymergie.

2. Dear Mr. Viaud, Please spend less time at the theater and more time at the gym. Seriously, you just caught a beat-down from a 60 year old French dude? If you had even gotten in one weak punch you would have sent him scurrying for his dentures. Sissy.

Ok, whatever moving on…

French President Nick Sarkozy got busted carrying a hand-written “love letter” under his arm as he left a ministerial meeting. Apparently some photographer enlarged the photographs of the page Sarko was carrying.

A few lines from the letter:

"I feel like I haven’t seen you for an eternity and I miss you. "On Thursday, we're leaving for a jaunt to Essaouira [Morocco] for my …But I would love to manage to see you in the week or next weekend. Millions of Besitos [Spanish for small kisses]”

My comments on this matter:

1. Isabelle Balkany, the vice-president of the local council in the Hauts-de-Seine, takes credit for writing the letter. She and Sarkozy have been friends for years. I actually believe her, but that doesn't change the fact that Sarko is a Playa with a capital P. Just look at him!

2. What’s up with this sudden (American-like) obsession with Sarko’s love life? I liked it better when the French press ignored all that and just waited for their illegitimate adult children to finally appear. It’s just more fun that way! Like a mystery novel!

Ok that’s all I got.


Lola said...

Haha! The Sarkozy "Call me!" picture is classic!

Jennie said...

That is the best picture of Sarkozy ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

hilarious post! that photo of sarkozy is really funny. actually, I'm supposed to cover "who is this" at some point and I was going to print out a bunch of photos of famous people, guess which one of sarkozy I'll be showing! Hey kids, here's your president!

MadameK. Located in said...

I love Sarkozy because he is always getting caught in snapshots doing something extraordinarily UN-presidential.

I cannot get enough.

Anonymous said...

He's so un-regal. I don't know what Villepin's politics were like but at least he carried himself well.

Angry Black Woman said...

I think this is one of the most hillarious blogs I have read in a long time. I almost got caught at work laughing so hard at Sarkozy pimp pose!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree with the other posters. That photo of Sarkozy is hilarious!!

Emily said...

Drama! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Damn, you guys get all the fun on that side of the border. I just can't imagine Angela Merkel getting into anything like this...



MusingsofaBitterGirl said...

I am sure it's all part of his plot to Americanize France ... blech