Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Photo Blogging.

Walking around Metz...

weekend photo blogging 046

The Big scary Gate de Serpenoise or something.

weekend photo blogging 051

Fancy Buildings

weekend photo blogging 053

More Fanciness

weekend photo blogging 047

I don't know what these are but they seem to point towards some landmark in the city. Any French Messin/e lurkers out there speak up and educate me please.

Then, cousins Seb and Sandrine stopped by with not one but two cute babies and a cake.

weekend photo blogging 074

weekend photo blogging 073


weekend photo blogging 078

Sandrine & Thomas

weekend photo blogging 075

Delicious cake


The Late Bloomer said...

Mmmmm, that cake DOES look good! Man, I am SO hungry -- but that's the story of my life right now!

BTW, are those DVDs so perfectly organized underneath that super-cool flat-screen TV?! I'm impressed. Much better organized than me, or than I'd like to be -- because my boy is so freakin' bordellique! I'm constantly following around after him picking up things... I'm going to have to stop this habit, or he'll end up EXPECTING me to do it!

screamish said...

Hope this isnt too peeping tom, but your house is so CLEAN! How do you manage the minimalist look? so many shiny surfaces!


Megan said...

Don't those usually point the way for walking tours? I mean, nothing in particular, just paths you can take around the city..

Madame K said...

Late Bloomer & Screamish-

OK. You got me. I am a total and complete neat/clean freak. I literally spend hours each week cleaning my apartment. I scrub and I polish daily. And then once a week I do the insane 4 hour power cleaning. And this doesnt count the time I spend on laundry and ironing. I only _wish_ I were kidding. I have witnesses.

In fact its gotten to a point where I either have to hire a cleaning lady or...just become one. But more on that later...

Madame K said...

oh and Megan---I hope it is some walking tour thing. I'd like to do it!

Maybe I'll ask the visitors bureau.

Baraginie said...

they point towards the cathedral and other "landmarks" of the city, it's to help you find them if you don't have a map or a French messin at hand!

Anonymous said...

That cake looks delish! Great photos of Metz by the way. That must have been on our one day of blue sky last week hehe.