Friday, February 15, 2008

Sugar Art.

For Valentine's day the FrenchBoy and I met up with Mademoiselle R and Monsieur C for Indo-Pakistani dinner. The food and conversation was good and even at inflated Valentin'es day prices our entire meal plus cocktails came in at under 100 euros. Miraculous!

Just as a side note--I gotta say that I think it's hilarious that the French take Valentine's day so seriously. It's like a real-live lovers' holiday, where as for most of my adult life in the US I kinda considered Valentine's day a sort of weak joke. Or maybe it's just because I'm not the gushy romantic type?

Anyway, after our meal nobody wanted coffee except me, but then as soon as I ordered everyone else jumped on the bandwagon and ordered coffee too. And it's a good thing they did because if they hadn't, we might have missed these little drawings:



These are the sugar wrappers from our....sugars. At first I was a bit confused, but then I decided that it must be some kind of Art. (My response to most things I don't understand is---"Maybe it's Art!") And as it turns out I was right. Apparently the little drawings are from a series called "Etre une Femme" (To be a Woman.) by artist Astrid Chapuis. So then of course I cyber stalked her on Google and found a PDF of the entire series here.

Ok, so, it doesn't inspire deep thoughs , but..... C'est amusant! Especially after a few glasses of wine.


Travel said...

Should art loose it value as art because it is used to decorate packaging for a comercial purpose? Is an artist who sells work for a comercial purpose, less of an artist when an artist who sells only for art?

Interesting concepts, if I were an art history major I would have probably already read 20 books on the subject, but alas we didn't talk about this is law school.


Madame K said...

Travel- I'm sure in an art history class the discussion of these questions would go much differently than with a group of living breathing actual artists with families to feed, and medical bills and mortgages to pay.

As a living breathing actual artist, my advice to present day art students would be---"sell-out while you can!"

Anonymous said...

oh yay you scanned it! Highly amusing indeed..and kind of weird. It seems in every restaurant in France there's something weird at the end of hte meal. In Chinese restaurants it's the naked men and women shot this particular Indian restaurant it's..this.