Friday, February 08, 2008

You Can’t Make This Stuff up!

One thing I like about living in France is that every outing can turn into a little adventure.


Wednesday I met up with Mademoiselle R. This week's adventure involved us checking out the Chagal windows at the Cathedral, discovering that Rosport Blue tastes like poo, Mademoiselle R getting trapped in the toilet at the tea salon, and then subtely getting accused of shop-lifting in one of the crappiest stores in the world - Maisons du Monde.

tea salon

What can I say? Never a dull moment.


Megan said...

Hmm, what happened in Maisons du Monde?

Madame K said...

oh, nothing much. Just mass confusion.

We walked out of the store and of course the retarded sensor gate thing started buzzing. The 3 hive-mind sales girls stood there not quite knowing what to do. And so did we. After a few awkward moments of trying to figure out what could be making the sensors go haywire, we just left the store.

Long story short-- I still have the sequined elephant lamp that I had stashed in my panties.

raynaae said...

does that mindful watching of the etranger that salespeople do happen a lot to you while living in France? I've been wondering about that a little bit recently. Does racial profiling happen anywhere other than the US? lol

Madame K said...

Racial profiling happens everywhere I'm sure because people are racist dickheads everywhere I'm sure.

But the only people I get racially profiled by are--get this---the huge African guys the stores hire to do security. The guy at MATCH and I are practically on a first name basis now because he kept following me and so one day I stopped, turned directly to him and said Bonjour.

Now we're cool.


Anonymous said...

really? hahaha. That's hilarious. France is hilarious full stop. I didn't have nightmares about being trapped in the toilet at least..