Monday, May 05, 2008

Stuff That Happens To You in Paris.

I’m starting to love Paris so much that I feel like I’m cheating on New York.

Of course my little Paris lover affair got just that much more passionate this weekend since it was the first time in a very long time that we visited Paris and it didn’t piss rain all weekend.

Anyway, here is some stream of consciousness plus photo blogging concerning our weekend.

Paris 025

Everything in life is better after 2 glasses of rose. Why is that? Is that bad?

Paris 009

My FrenchBoy looks crazy sexy when he does his “I’m being serious look” while he looks at a restaurant menu.

Paris 040

Mmmm! Overpriced Club sammich!

Paris 042
Did you know you can buy all the sofitel bedding on line? My god the mattress topper is so deliciously comfortable it’s sinful. What do they make this thing out of? Smashed puppies?

Paris 057

Don’t eat at the restaurant Breakfast in America unless you plan on bringing a side order of Penicillin to go with your scrambled eggs. Note to waitresses: Please do not serve me bagels after you put them down on the cash register, do your hair, then throw them on a plate that was stacked beside a pile of dirty dishes. Thanks.

Paris 023

Stuff you should know. Upstairs at Hermes if you lounge around long enough they give you free drinks. Which just goes to prove that my lifetime suspicion that “rich people get a lot of free stuff” is probably true. Also free Perrier served to you on a shiny platter somehow tastes that much better. How is this possible?

Paris 064

Hey, how come at the Bastille Metro station they have that whole huge fancy wall mural about the history of the Bastille and stuff, but politely edited out the bloody parts? But check it--at least they left in the part about the bearded ladies.

Paris 067

Paris 085

"Soon I wheel look at zee map and I wheel find zee metro station.”

And last but certainly not least, the highlight of our weekend—the conversation we had immediately following me almost getting knocked down by a roller-skating dwarf.

MadameK: Holy Shit! That midget almost knocked me over! WTF?

FrenchBoy: I know!

MadameK: Why would he do a jump right next to me?

FrenchBoy: Whatever. I don’t care how many cool roller-skating jumps he can do--he’s still only 3 feet tall.
(MadameK collapses into laughter.)


holly said...

oh yum! the bacon on that club sandwich looks utterly scrumptious. I never mind paying plenty for good food. or great food for that matter. i have eaten perfectly lovely food at inexpensive, unexpected places though..such as the ikea restaurant in north london. swedish pastries resembling miniature works of art? tick. and tasty to boot. oh yeah. i have also eaten awful food in fancy restaurants. maybe it had a lot to do with the company. average food + good wine + people you actually like = fabulous experience.
as an aside - dont' pretend you're not rich - or why else would you be in hermes?
ps - forgive the lack of caps. lazy day.

Penny said...

It sounds very unhygienic but that breakfast looks like the stuff of my dreams! I'd better get to Paris one day for a decent breakfast :)

Madame K said...

Holly- Yes, I am extremely rich! And I imagine you are too!

p.s. It's free to get into Hermes ya know. Sometimes I go into my local Hermes shop when my feet get tired during les Soldes cuz they have the softest leather chairs to rest in!

p.s.s. The Louis Vuitton store on the Champs Elysee is way cooler than Hermes on Faubourg. That new building is insane. I felt like Alice in Wonderland in there!

Penny- The pancakes were delightful though. How on earth do they get them that fluffy?

Leah said...

OMGGGG...I've been wanting to go to BIA forever and a day!!!

PS-You totally make me rigole...grave!

screamish said...

MMMM smashed puppies...smashed puppies...sounds comfy.

is that REAL Heinz Tomato Ketchup???

holly said...

ha! i am officially the 55,600,200 richest person in the world. am i thrilled or what. now i can venture into hermes..
oh heck, it's free anyway?!
only kidding. i probably would not go in unless i was buying stuff. thing is, these shops are frequently (at least here in london) empty-ish, 1 maximum 2 people in at any point in time. so you end up becoming the cynosure of all eyes - the sales people - come up to you and generally try to be helpful. or they hang around and look at you, what else have they got to do? heck where is the comfort in that? i'd be out of there in a flash. then again, i'm a shy girl.:)