Monday, June 16, 2008

"Honey I'm Home....Goodbye."

So far this month, I've slept in my own bed all of seven nights.
At the moment, I'm home sweet home for only 48 hours. Wednesday at the ass crack of dawn I leave for San Francisco! I think I already said this, but I'm heading there for the opening events for Double Exposure: African Americans Before and Behind the Camera which opens at the Museum of the African Diaspora this week. I have 2 pieces in the show from my (Re)calling and (Re)telling series.
I arrive there after a 11 hour flight and then have to get all beautiful and go to the fancy invitation only members preview and reception. I just hope I can get some sleep on the plane so that I don't arrive at the reception looking like whodunnit & why. (Am I the only one who uses this expression?)
So here's the post-card invite to the opening. If you are reading this blog from SF, you should come. Unless you're ape shit crazy (Am I the only one who uses this expression too?) in which case stay the feck home. It's gonna be a really amazing show and nobody needz your crazy monkey-ass trying to muck everything up.
OH OH---the real reason I'm coming: The Artists Party!

MOAD Double Exposure postcard

You know you're a party girl when you fly 11 hours just because you're on the VIP list for a Museum party.

Speaking of flying, if anyone has any ideas on how I can arrive to San Fran unjetlagged...please fill me in.

I'm desperate.


Megan said...

Whodunnit and why- never heard of that expression. So you could be the only one.
Jetlag- I read an article that says that if you don't eat for a certain amount of time during the trip, (I think 16 hours total) it is supposed to help. Or maybe that is just for rats. Don't know. Have a great trip!

m said...

hey come on you know you love the jet-setting life:) keeps things exciting and fresh! sure it's been a crazy month but from what i can tell that all points to good things in an artist's life. have a blast in SF!

Anonymous said...

don't drink anything but water. try to sleep. move around a little and try to put your feet up at least once. wear moisturizer and see if you can get some witch hazel and cotton pads onto the plane to put on your eye bags.

Jasmine said...

I just started reading your blog the other day and I love it. As another fellow black girl heading to France, I love your spin on things. Right up my alley.

I've lived in SF for five years, and just moved back home to Seattle for a couple of months, or else I would definitely be at your show.

I can however recommend a multitude of places to eat, drink and shop. Also, just in case you're feeling homesick, the French practically own San Francisco. They're everywhere! I have worked for and dated many of them.

For your France away from home, check out belden Place right off of union square it's the unofficial french district. Also, make sure you get yourself some decent Mexican food while you're there as well. (The Best burrito in SF can be found at El Faralito on the corner of 24th and mission) It ain't the prettiest place to eat, but they'll make you a carne asada super burrito that will want to make you hurt someone.

I've made the France to SF flight a couple of times, stay up as late as you can the night before your flight, and sleep the entire way on the plane (even if it's daytime) you'll be all set to go once you've hit SFO.

Madame K said...

Megan-- I have never gone 16 hours without eating in my entire life so that plan probably won't work for me. I might go into a coma or something.

M--So very true. When things get slow I panic.

Pure juice---I’ll smuggle on some facial moisturizer, but I’m not even sure they have witchhazel in France. Hmmm.

Jasmine---Thanks for the Mexican food recommendation! Also---thanks for the tip on staying up late. That works perfect for me since my plane leaves at seven in the morning. If I just take a nap this afternoon and don’t go to sleep at all tonight I should be able to sleep almost the entire flight. Awesome.

Mark Reynolds said...

I would totally fly 11 hours for a VIP museum party. Congrats!
Re: jet lag - according to this articleViagra is supposed to help, at least for your trip back to France.

Jasmine said...

If you can, do the same thing on your return flight home. Works the same way. Never seen it officially recommended to fight jet lag before, but it works everytime.

Diane said...

Ok, I have to admit I never tried this recipe but it seems to have some merit:
12 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
10 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil
8 drops Geranium Essentail Oil
4 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
4 drops of Juniper Essential Oil
mix well in a small bottle.
1 travel size bar of peppermint soap
1 travel size atomizer of mineral water
Black out eye shade
Ear Plugs
Pack in a small bag in your checked luggage
Upon arrival call room service. Order a bottle of still mineral water, a bucket of ice and a side oreder of sliced lemon for a refreshing beverage. Run a bath at comfortable temperature (not too hot, you're dehydrated!) Empty bottle of oils into bath. Lower shade, close curtains. Slip into the bath and put on the eye shade and ear plugs. Lay back and inhale the restorative aromas. 10 - 15 min. Remove eye shade and ear plugs. Lather all over with the tingling creamy peppermint soap. Mist your face with the mineral water. Towel off and apply a generous layer of moisturizer. Dont forget to drink your lemon water!'re ready to face the world ^_^
Hope this helps and if you try it let me know how it works.

Felicity said...

Madame K, how long will you be in SF for. Try to drink plenty of water and put your feet up. Tonic water is supposed to be very good, against swelling your ankles.

A Francophile said...

Check this out

No booze, I thought that was the main perk in flying. Have a safe trip. I like your blog. Zooey

screamish said...

You are getting seriously jet-set...

I don't know about Megan's suggestion for not eating for 16 hours...the word RATS sets off alarm bells for me..!

I dunno. Drink the whole way over? That way you'll sleep when you arrive.

Hey by the way is it true in the USA they have those scanners that see thru your clothes at all airports now???? (just in case you werent already anxious enough...sorry!)

Nicole J. Butler said...

You're not the only one who uses that first expression. I use a variation:

"Looking like Whodunnit? What for? and Don't Do It No More."