Monday, August 25, 2008

Just Like Old Times...But Better!

Garden of Hoes

Does anyone else have the distinct impression that time is speeding up? No seriously, are the years getting shorter or is it just me? Someone consult a scientist or something.
Last week FrenchBoy and I had a last minute dinner date scheduled with a few of our old pals. We met up at the same old bar that we’ve been meeting at for the past 6 years and we probably ordered the same drinks. It was just like old times except that everyone had changed. In fact after a bit of dicussion we realized that we hadn’t seen eachother in almost a year! How does that happen?

Old Friends1

And it’s amazing what can happen in a year. Joyce got married and had a baby girl. Manu is married an living in Hong Kong. And even cousin Phillipe had lost weight and seemed somehow different after his short stint in Hong Kong. Everything’s all…..different.

Old Friends2

Even the dinner conversation has changed. Where before the ladies side of the table would talk about our boys and our next vacations, we now talk about where to bargain shop and how to lose baby weight. Even the boys have become men…well, almost. Their conversations about the annual car shows in Frankfurt and Paris have given way to advice on such things as real estate investments, how to negotiate a better salary contract with certain companies, and OK, they still talk about their cars.

Old Friends3

And although it would be easy to be a bit nostalgic for the good old days, it’s kinda hard to miss it really. I mean, everyone is doing better than any of us could have imagined. We grew up good! Being with my old friends, all grown up, made me realize that there are plenty of good things that can come along with becoming a grown up: buying your own house, having a decent paying job, dinner parties instead of keggers, and even buying fancy cars. Oh, wait. I conveniently forgot to tell you about the new car…

To be continued…

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Travel said...

Time really starts to fly once you have crested the hill of mid life and the fancy new car starts rolling down the far side (trust me on this one.)