Monday, August 11, 2008

Studio...Gallery....Store.... Oh my!

So one of the most exciting things to happen this past month is that I started a studio/gallery share with another local artist. Kayla has been renting this really cool space in downtown Metz near the Cathedral for the past 3 years. In fact that’s how I met her. I came into her space during a local Open Studios walk. At the time I was still living in the no-man’s land of Thionville near the Luxembourg border, and she was the first real “art friend” I made here in France.

Fast forward two years. I’m finally settled into our new place in Metz and low and behold Kayla casually mentions that she might need to either give up the space or rent it out occasionally to cover her overhead. I immediately proposed that we share the space and split costs. She loved the idea. The whole deal works out perfectly for me. I get the benefit of being able to have people visit a space and see my new work without having to invite them into my private studio space in the Barbie Dream House---which I really think of as my private little sanctuary. Also, it’s perfectly located in the tourist district which brings in plenty of foot traffic on Saturday afternoons.


One of the coolest parts about this arrangement of course it that’s since I don’t have a record deal (That’s my way of saying that I don’t have a contract with a gallery.) I can sell my work directly. Also I love having the contact with the public. As much as I adore being cooped up in my home studio, sometimes I need to get out and interact a bit.

So, now the work begins. How to market art in this environment. Personally I’d like to give it more of a boutique environment rather than the intimidating white-walled gallery feel which pretty much scares the be-jeezuz out of the average person. And as two independant artists trying to market our work, that's the last thing we want to do.


Hmmm. It’s not a gallery, it’s not a studio, and we aren’t quite a store either. We’re something in-between and I kinda prefer it that way.


Travel said...

How exciting, I think even I might be inspired to be productive in an environment like that.


Megan said...

That's really great. Good luck!

Felicity said...

It really looks so nice!