Friday, September 05, 2008

The Last BBQ.

Well summer I officially over. I swear it only lasted 2 weeks! I hate that summers in France tend to fly by and that winter seems to last about 6 months. Weather-wise, this year was even worse than last year. This summer, each day was either scorching hot or pissing cold rain. The earth is clearly pissed off at us. But I digress as usual. This post is all about the end of summer.


Everyone is home from holiday; all the stores have re-opened after being closed for weeks on end for "congé été", and all the snotty French tadpoles went back to school on Tuesday! Now during the day I can open my windows without hearing their constant shrieks and laughter.

Ah, perhaps Le rentrée isn’t that bad after all.


I guess the thing I’ll miss the most is the summer food! Last weekend we held what is sure to be the last barbeque. Maybe it was the black billowing smoke, but I got tears in my eyes as I watched French-Father-in-law survey the fire. It’s simply too sad to think about how long I will have to wait until I can eat another properly grilled marguez.


But on a brighter note, as we waited for dinner to cook, we were lucky enough to catch a hot air balloon race!


How cool is that? Actually, I’m not sure if it was a race. From the ground they certainly don’t seem to be moving very fast, but they sure are purty!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I saw the balloons when we were driving home! How cool was it! I only caught a glimpse of them though...

Your FIL looks so happy in those pics! Who doesn't get happy over a bbq though? I could weep for the summer that never was...