Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Month's Worth of Fancy lunches

Fancy Fusion2

French people hate Fusion food. Maybe it has something to do with their xenophobic suspicious culture or their absolute distain for change or anything new, but whatever the reason they like their recipes with a little dust on them. So the first time we went to Thierry, I knew it would take some time or FrenchBoy to warm up to the menu. I on the other-hand was about to do summersaults as soon as I started reading through the menu and saw the phrase “Wasabi Sauce”.

Fancy Fusion1

FrenchBoy of course was not convinced. His reason being that for the same price we could go to Pampre D’or and eat “real” French cuisine at a Michelin rated restaurant. The idea being that just because its traditional French food, it is immediately of higher quality.

A-ha! And there it is. “Real “ French food. Which is slightly problematic for all sorts of reasons. In fact I would argue that it’s just as problematic as describing what a “real” French person is. What is real French cuisine anyway? I’m not sure who gets to decide these things, but I often feel as though I live in the land of the food Nazis. “You can't possible serve this with that!” "Are you really going to drink that after you’ve eaten XYZ?”

Suddenly it makes sense. I’m not a huge fan of “real” French food because I’m not really French nor according to most, will I ever be “really” French. So technically it’s not that the French hate Fusion food, it seems they may very well hate all sorts of fusion in general.
Moving right along...
Last week we once again went out in search of a decent Chinese food restaurant. In general there aren't many, but finding one that is actually palateable has been even more difficult. For the last 5 years, whenever we've wanted good Asian food of any sort we've been forced to go to Luxembourg and pay an arm and both legs for it. And we have done so quite happily because we love good Chinese and Thai food. So this weekend we lucked out. I found a small little restaurant that had great food, good decor, friendly service, and a decent price. I forgot to take photos of our hot steamy food, but here is a photo of our cocktails, complete with jewelry!

fancy drinks

And last but not least, sometimes you just want a greasy cheeseburger and fries. Hence..


The Mc Fancy lunch!


Papadesdeux said...

I have a restaurant recommendation for you. Next time you are in Paris... Ze Kitchen Galerie... you can get all their info on their web site www.zekitchengalerie.fr

Fusion chez fusion. I'm betting you would like it.

Papadesdeux said...

PS: William Ledeuil, the chef at Ze Kitchen also has a cookbook out that is yummy. The only problem being that it is tough finding all the ingredients when you don't live in Paris. Grrrrrr.