Thursday, October 30, 2008

Je suis Madame K.

Not too long ago a friend and I ( you know who you are!) were having a conversation about blogging. We were chatting about ex-pat blogs, blog fade, and a bunch of other stuff, but the subject of anonymity was at the top of our topic list.


If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you've probably already noticed that I never use my real name here. Also, I call my husband, who is a big grown-ass man "FrenchBoy". (cuz it's just funny.) But on the other hand I talk about things in a way that is specific enough that almost anyone could find out my real identity. So I guess you could say I'm pseudo-anonymous? (Is that a real word or did I just make that up?)

For the record, the reason I don't use my real name here is because when people google my real name (clients, possible collectors, galleries, museums, etc) I don't want this goofy-ass blog to be the first thing that pops up, as most likely it would, since blogs tend to rank higher with search engines for many reasons. I doubt my professional contacts care about where I ate dinner last weekend. On the other hand, if after a bit of research one of my professional contacts does happen to read about where I ate lunch last Saturday afternoon, good for them. I don't mind. I'm not so naïve as to think that just because I don't use my name, that this blog is somehow more anonymous or private. If I were a private person I would never have started this blog in the first place.

I think every blogger has to draw a line in the sand at some point and decide how much they will and will not say. For me, it all boils down to what I'm truly comfortable with people knowing about me. Some things are private. And no matter how funny or relevant they might be, I won't write about them. On this blog you will never hear me talk about the many kidnappings, armed robberies, or drive-by shootings I have been involved in. Even I have boundaries. Besides, some of you clever devils have figured out who I am on your own and have tracked me down (both in New York and San Francisco!) and I don't want you showing up to my job with police in tow.

But for the most part, I think you can all agree that I pretty much let it all hang out.

Oh and those who are curious about where "Madame K" came from--technically it's is my real name. Although I kept my maiden name after we married. My husbands last name starts with the letter K. And in France people don't give a rats ass how independent and modern you are. If you're married, you get called by your husband's last name.

So alas, here in France, Je suis Madame K_____.


beautyseeker said...

there is a post on your blog somewhere of your french i.d.

it has your name on it btw. i noticed that last week. it's easily readable.

Madame K said...

See, I told ya it wouldn't be that hard.

Megan said...

Yeah, and you have to be careful about the comments friends leave, they can sometimes say your real name, etc. I have deleted a few because of that.

raynaae said...

theres no way to hide from people who are truly curious about you. I mean that in a complimentary and silence of the lambs type way. lol!

love seeker said...

i hope i didn't freak you out by recognizing you in san francisco. lol. i love your blog and your art and couldn't miss the opportunity to meet you and see your creations. ;)

Madame K said...

Megan- Yeah I think my mom was guilty of that once.

raynaae- just don't make a suit out of my skin.

Love seeker- Not freaked out at all! So far the people who've found me "in real life" have all been super cool. I do believe I have the coolest blog readership on EARF!

Shan said...

u, ur hair, ur art & ur french life rocks hard! I am also a curly head-soon2b xpat again heading back2paris&reading ur loving honesty abt bein a "americain" inFrance keeps me sane til i get dnt change a thg, u do a good job of keepin it real w/o leavin ur ss#on the siteLOL...wont b stalkin u@theTabac,but will say "bonjour' if i c ya in Paris...GodBless...Keep on blogging!!

~Always, Madame"Waitin til i get2CDG2getAcool FrenchLstName"


Vakker Kvinne said...

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I think I have written a comment or two along the way, but this post really spoke to me. I’ve been battling with similar issues as well regarding remaining somewhat anonymous. I love blogging, but damn people, I’m not always up for having folks know who I am and coming up to me on the street/gym/at work/etc. asking me about “my guy” or other stuff. It’s just weird.

Vakker Kvinne said...

Oh forgot to ask you...can I add you to my blog roll?