Friday, October 24, 2008

Party Ovah Here!

opening 013

So it's official. The Artshop is up and running and we had our very first Opening. To say the least it was a grand success. Add 3 cases of champagne, 100 alot of people, a Mail Art exhibition, and a boat load of new paintings into a blender and that pretty much describes the entire evening.

opening 001

opening 2

I was a little disappointed that the Mayor didn't show up, but 100 alot of other people did, so I can't complain. That dude missed one of the best Art Openings this city has had in ages!

opening 6

The whole evening went off without a hitch. (With the exception of the one snarky French broad who kept complaining that there wasn't enough Champagne. I ever so politely reminded her *catch the sarcasm* that she was at an art gallery not a restaurant. That was the last I heard out of her....which is a good thing because I didn't want to have to bitch-slap someone at our first Opening. Bitch-slapping at a second or third opening? OK, Fine. But bitch-slapping at an inaugural opening? I just feel like it sets a bad precedent and therefore try to avoid it if possible.)

Oh, and I made a major painting sale (one of my largest for this year) within the first 30 minutes. And you can see from the following photos, the Mail Art exhibition was a real hit with all the visitors.

opening 8

opening 10

So, all in all. Our Opening did NOT suck. I'm gearing up to do it all again sometime in December for our Christmas show. But I'm trying not to think about all that right now. My brain might explode.


Jim & Darcey said...

Congrats on the successful opening! How long with the exhibition be in place?

Madame K said...

Hi J&D- Well, the mail art show is up untill April, basically it changes every week as we receive new stuff. After April I don't know...I may just leave it up forever.

It's so purty!

Anonymous said...

Definitely give a head's up about the December show b/c I am now firmly planted in Paris and will do my darndest to get down there for it!


dougphoto said...

looks like a fabulous opening, great crowd. Congrats on the opening and the big sale!

rhonalala said...

Congrats on your great opening. You are a great artist so I expected nothing less than a wonderful showing.

BebeJardin said...

Congrats on the opening. I love that bitch slapping (at least the mental aspect of it) was in occurrence. You can take the lady outta Brooklyn, know the rest :)

I always say, keep it hoodie, keep it poppin' and keep it ghetto. It always keeps things lively!!!

Keep everyone posted on the December opening part deux.