Friday, August 21, 2009

In It To Win It!

My mom had a dream.

Not exactly one like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , but important none the less. About a week ago my mom dreamt up some numbers. She said she woke up and the dream numbers were so clear in her head that she quickly grabbed a piece of paper so she could jot them down. Also today is me mum's birthday, so I figure if I play the Euromillions lotto on my mom's birthday with her dream numbers, somehow my chances will magically much better than the usual 1 in 76,275,360. Right?

So this is just a warning: If you don't hear from me for like a few months, it's likely that I've won the Euro millions jackpot in which case I will promptly start packing for a last-minute, extended beach vacation to the Maldives. We will be staying there while our next dream house is being constructed:


I mean, I suppose I could still blog from the Maldives when I'm not too busy swimming or napping.

Anyway, Happy Birthday mom. If we win you're welcome to come to the Maldives with us.


'Drea said...

I was recently lured by a 260 million Powerball billboard. I don't even know why I spent the $8 bucks because the winner seldom emerges out of MO...

By the way, swimming and napping?The perfect pair.

Anonymous said...

That's MY house and the only thing missing is the sweet older cleaning lady that happens to cook from almost every region in Italy. I can kind of see her peaking out from the kitchen where she's making fresh lasagna noodles and watching the sauce on the stove.

Megan said...

Good luck! My MIL actually has dreams like that- she once dreamt she was on an elevator that was stopping at different floors- when she woke up she wrote them down, and then they played the trifecta, and won! Only, they didn't play the numbers in the order she had dreamed, and if they had they would have won much more, but still it was like 2 salaries..