Friday, October 09, 2009

You Cannot Eat a Louis Vuitton Bag.

How on earth can I cram 6 weeks worth of blogging and photos into like 3-4 posts? I dunno but I’ll do my best. We’ll start with the good stuff: Food.

Paris Sorbonne 011

So, FrenchBoy and I went to Kong. (Warning: Loud obnoxious music on Kong website.)
Those of you who are Sex and the City whores already know exactly where it is. For the rest of y’all, Kong is a restaurant on the 4th and 5th floors of the Kenzo building (kinda facing Pont Neuf).

Paris Sorbonne 016

Philippe Starck designed the entire interior which is apparently supposed to be Manga hipster kitsch. In the final series episodes of “Sex and the City” which are partly set in Paris, SJP’s character Carrie meets with her boyfriend’s ex-wife here.


Paris Sorbonne 013

Paris Sorbonne 022

As expected, the service was just OK, and the food was lack-luster. (side note: If you want a good burger---go to the Hard Rock Café. More on that later.)

Next stop Nomiya.

Paris Sorbonne 078

I’ve always been insanely lucky, but I totally hit the jackpot when I was able to snag two seats in the Nomiya dining room. What’s Nomiya? Text stolen from the website:
"Enjoy a unique lunchtime event with family or friends. Gilles Stassart and his team invite you to sit at their table in the extraordinary ambience of the Nomiya dining room, where you’ll discover a moment of culinary bliss and creativity. There, on the rooftop of the Palais de Tokyo, in this ultra-contemporary architecture, you’ll relish in the breathtaking panoramic views of Paris and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience."

What they fail to mention is just how difficult it is to get a reservation. Ya see, bookings are released one day at a time, one calendar month in advance at exactly 10 AM. Oh, and there are only 12 places available, so if you log onto the website at oh say, 10:01, you are proper screwed so better luck next time.

Anyhoo, we got two seats and showed up for our fancy lunch. On the way up to the rooftop we got a chance to take a brief rest on the Palais de Tokyo rooftop garden complete with the most real-looking fake grass I’ve ever seen. (I took as many photos as possible so that I could steal and then duplicate all their landscaping ideas at the Barbie Dream House.)

Paris Sorbonne 065

Next we hiked up to the actual restaurant which is in fact a little glass cube that is temporarily affixed to the top of the building.

Paris Sorbonne 095

Paris Sorbonne 077

Paris Sorbonne 069

To say that the view of the Eiffel Tower is stunning is well, retardedly obvious.

Paris Sorbonne 071

"Yep. Only 12 seats. Shall we sit boy-girl-boy-girl?"

Paris Sorbonne 079

Right after I took this photo I snuck up behind the sous-chef, and in my best Fat Albert voice imitation yelled "Hey, Hey, Hey! I'm hungry b*tch. Where's my lunch?" It was super funny. Unfortunately it only took place in my head and thus there are no witnesses to this event.

Paris Sorbonne 082

Eiffel Tower hat!

Paris Sorbonne 073

Paris Sorbonne 070

Ok, long story short, the food was yummy and interesting. Our handsome young host was gracious and warm and very easy on the eyes. The other guests were a really interesting mix of middle-aged professionals---all Parisian. That said, they were all really delightful and the conversation was fun and easy even if FrenchBoy and I were a bit of a curiosity. Which brings me to my final topic of discussion.

How is it that when FrenchBoy and I go to fancy lunch we are almost always the only people under the age of 45 in the restaurant? OK, OK, Metz isn’t exactly a foodie paradise, but come on! We can’t be the only 30-somethings ‘round these parts who like to eat. And don’t try to tell me it’s cuz the restaurants are too expensive, because I just spent a month awash in a sea of skinny Hipster chics sauntering down la rue with their mini-LV bags while talking on their slick iphones. I love handbags as much as the next gal, but you cannot eat a Louis Vuitton bag no matter how hungry you get. I'm just sayin'.

Peoplez get your priorities straight here!


Anonymous said...

Good score on your reservations at Nomiya! Awesome, I'd rather eat there than have a pricey bag any time.

love seeker said...

Food before fashion, most definitely. I love you and your blog!

Team Jacob said...

I love good food!!!
What did you eat there?

sprite said...

haha! your food posts soo make me want to visit Paris again (last time there was as a teen so it does not count). then i read certain other posts and think..hmm..maybe in the next millenium. is there a day of the week when no obnoxious people are about? i could take my chances then..

Megan said...

I don't know, I guess I am more in the materialistic club, rather than the gastronomic club. Something like a bag or a piece of jewelry or whatever will last a very long time, whereas a dinner only lasts a few hours and then, quite literally, washes away. Give me a louis vuitton bag any day!

Shanster said...

Oh yea baby - FOOD trumps all. I just asked my Furry Husband today... "is it wrong that I just want to eat 24/7?!?" sigh.

Missed you and looking forward to more posts!


Madame K said...

Sprite---There are obnoxious people everywhere, everyday. There are obnoxious a-holes at the grocery store, but still, I need milk.

Why let the obnoxious people dictate whether or not you ever get to see Paris again?

Megan- As a complete and total hand-bag whore I understand where you're coming from. Photos of my new Vanessa Bruno bag coming up.

Shanster- Is it wrong that I took a bag of tortilla chips to bed with me last night?

Nikita said...

Your hair is GORGEOUS! Loving the afro puff updo!! And the colour!

tonton_flaneur said...

I am so glad you were able to eat there! I found out about this during the summer and told a friend from SF who was on her way to Paris with her husband about it and they were also able to snag a reservation! They loved it, yet your pictures of the day are much better than theirs[ouch!]so..merci!! I hope I am able to get in the next time I am in Paris! Good luck with the "Non Smoking" thing...take lot's of Vitamin C and drink lot's of water..and cranberry juice if you can find it! ;-)

Matinee Maven said...

Yes to food before fashion! There are so many more senses envolved when you eat or drink something compared with a purse on your arm. Half of the time people buy the purse so that other people can see them with it, but food is for you and you alone!!! Unless you share. :o) Love your blog!

BebeJardin said...

I would say food before fashion as well, but I am also an American who comes from a place where good food= religious experience. Maybe when you're from a country that is known for amazing food and said food is available to you from birth, you take it for granted? Perhaps we should interview some of Paris' size 0 girls to ask why they choose fashion over food!?