Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last Minute Escape!

This weekend we took a last minute get-away to Paris. As much as we love the Barbie Dream House, we very much enjoy getting away from Metz. Also, I needed a cheeseburger. So, we hopped on the TGV and away we went. We stopped by the Pompidou to see the Pierre Soulages retrospective, and spent about an hour at the elles@centrepompidou exhibition which was just massive in every sense of the word.

Marlene Dumas3

The Marlene Dumas paintings just knocked my socks off. If you can get to Paris this year, get thee to this show. After February 2011 most of this work will go back into storage untill the next time some wise curator decides it’s time to pay attention to women artists again. Ahem. Moving along.

Contrary to popular belief, the highlight of our weekend was of our weekend was not inhaling cheeseburgers at the Hard Rock Café while head-banging to System of a Down. Nope. The highlight of my weekend was scoring not one, but these two pairs of Jimmy Choo Nimbus sandals on sale.



Actually only one pair was on sale, but my lovely FrenchBoy managed to talk the sales girl into giving me the 2nd pair at the sale price since I simply couldn’t choose between two Choos.
(I bet you can’t say that real fast 5 times in a row!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am in shoe love, but obviously I cannot wear these babies untill Spring officially arrives. Unfortunately it is currently minus 3 degrees here in Metz France, so I’m in for a long wait….which is actually a good thing cuz right about now my feet look like Frodo Baggins.


Seriously--My once lovely tootsies are lookin’ a bit rough around the edges due to the fact that I’ve been stomping around in the snow in my Harley Davidson Motorcycle boots every damn day all damn winter. So, for the next 28 days my feet will be in serious full-time in-patient rehab. I cannot be seen wearing my Choos with effin’ hobbit feet.

I’m just keepin’ it real.


Sara Louise said...

I'm with ya! Last Friday, encouraged by a few days of spring weather, I started the sandal foot repair. Of course it snowed again, but I'm working with the; if I pedicure it, the sun will come, philosophy

the fly in the web said...

I'm puzzled. Apart from the label, why are these special?

Madame K said...

Passive agressive drive-by snarking is quite boring. Put your big girl panties on and write me a proper hate mail like all the other haters. My e-mail is on the side bar for all to use.

But in my defense I'd like to say I love my Chuck Taylors, my crocs, my Harley's, and even my Walmart flip flops equally. When it comes to shoes I love them ALL!

*snaps fingers and then puts on her "hater blockers"*

Shanster said...

Stompin around in your Harley Davidson boots? Yeah - I been stompin' around too. I'm so ready for SUN and WARM.

I can't wear purty sandles cuz I have Fred Flintstone feet and funny monkey toes... I wear Birks in the summer. They seem to fit the Fred Flintsone/monkey toe look to a T! grin.

Madame K said...

Awww, I always wanted a pair of Birks, but could never afford them, but then I bought my first pair of black suede Na-Na motorcycle boots and I never looked back. As much as I love to prance around in my sandals... boots are made for kickin' ass!

love seeker said...

You are hilarious. That is all.

Megan said...

Two jimmy choo shoes?
Awesome. But how do they manage to stay ON?

Dorothy said...

Wow! You are not the only one in need of some SERIOUS foot love! My heels look like the soles of my furry winter boats;) Michigan winters are rough!

Nikita said...

Guess it's time to break out the Vaseline and the thick, white, cotton socks...Soften those bad boys up in a jiffy.

On another, semi-related note, does FrenchBoy know what "ashy" is? Had to explain the concept to my German boyfriend and White co-workers the other day. The grey, trashy skin on my elbows and between my fingers shocked them but got the point across. LOL!

Team Jacob said...

I have heard of Jimmy Choo shoes but I don't know much about them. Are they comfortable?(like heeled shoes are anyhow) lol
I like the silver pair and there is nothing like a good deal, that is bloody brilliant getting the second pair at sale price!
I almost choked when I saw the Frodo Baggins comment and pic you are too much!! lol

Madame K said...

Megan-I have to walk real slow and take baby steps. And if I turn down a cobblestone street I just get down on my hands and knees and crawl. How's THAT for glamourous?!

Dorothy- I got these cool little mini heel socks in London. You wear them overnight and the next morning your heels are all soft and smooth-like. I highly recommend them.

Nikita- FrenchBoy knows alll about "ashy" and all sorts of other things that one can only learn from marrying a Black girl or perhaps watching too much Dave Chapelle.

Team Jake- I can't honestly say I've owned a pair of comfortable heels. Instead, I rate my shoes according to how long I can stand up in them before I start to cry. For instance most of my plat-form sandals are 4 hour shoes, my Harley's are 8 hour shoes, while most stilettos are only 1 hour shoes for me. I would imagine that the Choos are 3 hour shoes.

Also, I take no credit for getting the 2nd pair at the sale price---all that glory belongs to FrenchBoy.

Jake the ColoIowaConnectifrancilite said...

None warned me that France would be so cold! Nice blog!

Queen Ann said...

Yeah, I've been trying to tell myself to take care of my feet year 'round to save on the intensive therapy needed come spring. But...not likely to happen. Foot rehab is a spring time ritual. Waitin' to wear some recently purchased (on sale, of course) leopard pony hair sandals and a caramel suede pair with ruffle detail! Love your Choos.

Gloria said...

Your FrenchBoy is so awesome. What in the world did he say?

He is a big guy too...wonder if she thought he might be the mob...and he made her an offer she could not refuse. LOL!

I am still lusting after that Valentino outfit you posted aeons ago.

sprite said...

Those are pretty shoes. Incidentally I do love a girlie, strappy heel but need to be careful what I wear as I have quite large feet. Do take a pic for us when you get to wear them. When spring comes round I don't bother tackling the layers of hard dead skin on my feet - way too much hassle! I simply treat myself to a pedicure;-)

Rachel said...

I came across your site by way of London Life; Real-I-Rising and have been checking it out for sometime now. I agree with love seeker, you ARE hilarious!!lol

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Great fun post..!