Monday, May 17, 2010

Bienvenue au Pompidou!

It finally happened. The Pompidou Museum Metz finally opened this weekend.

Pompidou 034

There were so many people that you would have thought that there was a football match or a Johnny Hallyday concert. I was more than a little bit touched to see so many people come out for the opening of an art museum. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that even people in the armpit of France will come out to support it.

The public was invited to participate in a performance art piece designed by Spanish Artist Maider Lopez which included the use of 3000 white umbrellas lit up by LED flashlights.

Pompidou 019

I also learned that I need to read the user's manual for my new camera. I bought a Nikon D90 back in November and it's so complicated that I left it on my bookshelf until last week. Clearly I have NOT mastered night shooting. I just figured out how to turn the damn thing on last week.

Pompidou 033

Night-time photography--Y'ur doin' it wrong!

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Aaron Grunwald said...

I think your photos add to the surreality of it all... after all this time, all the hype, and all the fanfare, it's hard to realize the new Pompidou is actually open now!!