Monday, February 06, 2006

Stuff I should have said ages ago.

I hate the idea that people take photos on their digital cameras when they know damn well they will never print or even use them. I don't think important moments should be captured just for the sake of visually owning them. That's not photography---that's just hoarding! So in the interest of NOT becoming one of those greedy people, here are a few select photos from the assload of photos that have been held hostage inside my camera phone for the past 3 months.

Les Galettes des Reines!

In France "The Feast of the Kings" is celebrated with during the entire month of January. After New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the bakeries make galettes des rois, cakes for the Kings. Each cake holds a small surprise, baked right into the cake. In the old days, the "prize" was a fève, a large, flat bean well loved here in France. Nowadays, the surprise is usually a ceramic figurine, more to please the children (or goofy grown-ups). The person who discovers the prize in their piece of cake is crowned King, le roi, or Queen, la reine, and gets to wear the paper crown that comes with each cake.

FrenchBoy's father wins every year--BUT THIS YEAR I WON!

My mother -in-law also won earlier in the week, but obviously I am the true Queen B since my crown is bigger and had glitter & sparklies.

Got snow?

We got a real live snow storm last month, which is rare even for this part of Northern France. Of course Je deteste la neige!, so I was in a crappy mood for nearly 4 days.


Note French father-in-law, Jean Marie, trying to play the guitar that I got FrenchBoy for X-mas. Also note the number of bottles of red wine on the table.

"Hurry find the keys! It's coming! Oh My God! Hurry it's coming!"

Doesn't this photo look like one of those scenes from a horror movie where the soon to be dead character frantically jumps into the car after being chased by a monster only to realize that he doesn't have the keys? I have no idea when, where, or why I took this photo of FrenchBoy in our car, but it's quite thrilling.

And that, my friends, is how it's done.

I showed you mine, now you show me yours.

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Freak Mommah said...

Wow! You're an artist, a real one! And you're in France! A real artist in France reads my blog! Plus you're hot! I'm reading your entries now and going through your website. I really love your new work! You seem very fun and perky. I will be reading your blog on a regular basis.