Thursday, June 15, 2006

French babies love to party!

At my mother-in-law's impromptu Birthday Barbeque Tuesday night, even the kids got in on the action as you can see above from 2 year old Florian's party animal antics.

Later Adrian and Alexi got in on the action.

I kid you not, I once saw our 2 year old nephew Matisse grab a champagne glass and yell "Chin!" (French for "Cheers!")
French babies really know how to party.

Me & the birthday girl had a pretty decent time too.


Cree A. said...

Those kids look totally at ease with champagne glasses -- Not at all like the "cute" photos of American kids with props.

Sara said...

i like the first one, he looks like he is saying "hey, give me some more!"

Kim said...

note to self - party with babies in France.

MadameK said...

They look so at ease because they are wildly drunk.