Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Who the hell is Jean Louis Aubert?

One of the unfortunate things about being unilingual for most of my life is that I have missed out on an absolute wealth of crappy French pop music. Monday night My Favorite French Boy and I got our hands on some free VIP tickets to the Jean Louis Aubert concert in Amneville. I of course had no idea who Jean Louis Aubert was, but jumped at the VIP ticket offer---purely for blog research purposes of course.

The evening began with up front parking right by the VIP entrance, insanely skinny waify model-type ushers showing us to our seats, and then a mad dash for the VIP cocktail lounge where we practically gorged ourselves on cheap champagne and passed hors'deurves.

It was delightful.

At 9PM the skinny waif model girls informed us that the concert was about to begin and then ushered us to our front and center VIP balcony seats, from which we could clearly see the cheap floor seat ticket holders glaring at us in envy. Then the show began! Jean Louis Aubert actually came out into the VIP section playing a guitar, proceeded through the crowd, and then finally up to the stage. He was about 5 meters from my chair. If he had been Lenny Kravitz I’m sure I would have completely lost control of my bladder.... But it wasn’t Lenny Kravitz. It was just some French singer, who to the best of my ability, I can only describe as a kind of slightly effeminate French Mick Jagger.

Evenso, Aubert gave an energetic, more than respectable, 2 hour non-stop performance. (Which is more than I can say for Snoop-Dogg, who we saw at the same venue earlier this year.) The music was really good. Aubert is a great songwriter. And don’t tell anybody, but I think I even saw my intensely shy and reserved Favorite French Boy tap his foot to the music for a couple of songs.

All in all it was a great night out. Our first night out as French VIPs was a grand success.


Sara said...

so how did you become a VIP?

At least the free sushi looks good!

MadameK said...

A friend's company bought season tickets for $18,000. They had two extras and called to see if we wanted to go.

So I guess you could say that I was an accidental VIP.

Jul said...

Only stud muffins pose with cigarettes in their mouths for publicity shots... must have been a fabulous concert.

epiphany7 said...

you saw snoop dogg in france?

i'm impressed.