Friday, September 01, 2006

I haven't been blogging. I was in prison #2.

I haven't blogged in two weeks. I've been busy working and I have been neglectful, I know. I'm sorry. You'll just have to forgive me. Now get over it already.

Stuff that's new with me:


dandelion leaves

1. I've been busy in my studio/dining room yet again. I don't have much to add except a quick snapshot of the two paintings I've recently finished. No titles yet. They're acrylic & ink on canvas. 80 x 100 cm. I think they're finished anyway. I'll let them sit around for a few weeks before I decide.

2. We're going to Japan! We finally got our tickets to Tokyo for October. We'll be there for just under 2 weeks. We plan on visiting Tokyo, Kyoto and maybe one other city, but we'll be sleeping under a bridge if we don't book our hotel by this weekend, but at any rate we're super excited to be going!


3. Inspite of all the rain, last weekend I had great fun shopping with 3 boys! My French boy's friend JR and his son Constantin joined us in Metz for lunch and we ended up furniture shopping all afternoon. JR and his wife were the witnesses at our legal wedding at the Mairie de Thionville and 10 year old Constantin played the music for our religious ceremony. Isn't he just the cutest violinist you've ever seen?


4. And last but not least. I will be spending April 2007 at the Vermont Studio Center making artwork. They offered me a residency a year ago, but had I to turn it down because it was just too much money, but this year they wised up and gave me the money to go. "The Vermont Studio Center is located in Johnson in the middle of the Green Mountains. The Center's studio campus is composed of 30 historic buildings on the banks of the Gihon River."

Yippee, sounds swell. Let's just hope it doesn't snow in April!


Kim said...

OMG Japan sounds awesome! Hope you have fun!

buzzgirl said...

I hope you have a great time in Japan. Congratulations on the residency, but Vermont? Metz will seem like Harlem in comparison!

LittleTakesAllDay said...

I'm so happy that you all are finally able to go to Japan. The grad student I work with went recently and had a fabulous time! He took a picture of everything he ate.

Congrats on the residency. Vermont is an interesting place to drive, beautiful yes. My brother actually goes to school in Vermont at Castleton State College in Castleton. You are going to be just north of him. I hope to see you when you come.

Anonymous said...

Wow! See you in April then!

epiphany7 said...

japan... kakoi, desu ne?!

enjoy. and i'm glad you decided to go to vermont. when i was there recently, i really loved it. in spite of it being overwhelmingly un-diverse, it still had a very warm and homey vibe. homey, hot homie. sorry if i got you excited.

lara stein pardo said...

wow! i wish you the best on all of your upcoming adventures.
the painting are great! post more pics if you decide that those weren't the finished product :)

Jessica said...

woo-hoo, congrats on the residency!!!