Sunday, October 01, 2006

Almost Home Sweet Home!

So if you will recall from one of my earlier posts, we bought a kick-ass new apartment earlier this year. The only problem is that is hasn't been built yet. We had been getting a bit anxious over the last few weeks since we hadn't seen any progress being made over the summer at the building site. Finally, My Favorite French Boy called the building company Friday to ask when they would start construction. The building manager replied "uhm, didn't the notary tell you we already started building? The foundation is almost finished." Well, of course we didn't believe him. French constructions are famous for being months behind schedule, so we decided to drive to Metz to see it with our own four eyes.


Much to our surprise, the parking lot and old dirty garages had been cleared way. And what do ya know-- they had actually started the building after all!


I let out some baby pig-like squeals as I jumped out of the car to go take a closer look. I've never been so excited to see piles of dirt, concrete, and steel. Frenchboy was pretty happy too.


So now it's more hurry up & wait with our architect. Many decisions to be made. Last night we set up an appointment to order our kitchen.....which the nice sales lady warned us would take nearly 6 months to arrive.


But most importantly, the building manager said the apartment delivery date will be June 2007.

This time next year we will be all moved into our new home! So untill then you will just have to suffer through my weekly moaning and groanings and endless details about the making of the apartment.

I'll try to make it as painless as possible, but I make no promises.

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