Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day 3 - Walking In Tokyo

"For relaxing times, make it Suntory time."

We wake-up early and eat & still lose half the morning getting lost on the way to the f*cking Imperial Gardens. I wish I liked gardens. I am simply not impressed by controlled nature.

We sit down by the police checkpoint to check our map. I somehow manage to hit my head on one of the Emperor’s f*cking trees. (see photo below)

Screw this, I’m done. We leave.



Next we head to Electronic’s town—Akihibara---French Boy flips out on all the stuff they have in Japan that we cant get. My feet hurt something fierce. Actually I’m just tired in general.


We eat lunch at KFC---all other restaurants look scary. Clearly no one comes to this neighborhood for food. I refuse to buy a full meal out of a vending machine!


KFC bathroom is cleaner than our kitchen. The toilet scares me by doing all kinds of weird stuff. Has crazy wall remote that I’m scared to touch for fear of accidentally sodomizing myself or something.



We go baaaack to Shibuya after lunch just to try ONE last time to find the legendary 100 yen shop. No such luck. A police officer informs us that it’s gone, but we can find one in Ginza maybe. We will try next weekend maybe.




Still head back to 109 Shibuya & buy another pair of glassed. Now I have black & red. I look like a librarian. French Boy keeps calling me his school teacher.


Reservations at the Park Hyatt almost late for 10PM dinner reservation. Hotel & Restaurant are exactly like the movie. Wonderful. Note to self: Ambiance has EVERYTHING to do with lighting. This will come in handy in the near future. Lots of ideas for our new house. French Boy just wants a fancy Japanese ass-cleaning toilet.


Our fancy -schmancy dinner is decent. OH---and there was a cheesy “jazz” singer just like in the movie! The overall service was excellent but they screwed up 3 times on tiny things. (You notice the tiny things when you pay 20 euros for a side order of mashed potatoes.) The waitstaff remedied the situation by bowing until they were blue in the face. The head waiter offered to take our photo. Not bad!


And let's be honest, you pay for the view. The view from restaurant at night is absolutely amazing! Tokyo at night makes my heart flutter a bit. I swear. It never gets old. And at night you can truly enjoy the expansive nature of the city.

Tokyo seems to go on forever.


During my glass of dessert wine one of the drunken ladies at table behind us loses her wedding ring. They both start crawling around on all fours on the floor. One lady hits her head on my chair, then apologizes profusely.

I love Japan.

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