Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day 4- in Tokyo

"You want more mysterious? I'll just try and think, 'Where the hell's the whiskey?'"

Argue Argue Argue. Catch train to Kyoto. I sleep on the train.


Arrive at hotel through Kyoto station. It is quite lovely!....and expensive. Everyone bows and bows & bows some more at us. We are almost embarrassed by all this hospitality.


Argue. Argue. Argue. We see the room has 2 beds. Argue---Fatigue is starting to get to us. We may murder each other soon.


I think I have a fever. My right nostril is clogged and my throat hurts. Damn airplane germs!

We decide to go out and walk around near the station. We find nothing except yet another pachinko/video game store and a store that sells glittery dresses for professional dance competitions.


I'm too sick. We head back to hotel room and order room service. When it arrives 2 other men are with the waiter. Apparently our smoke detector is sending a silent alarm signal to the front desk that we are on fire. But we are not on fire. Maybe it's my fever? Room service guy waits and translates as old guy removes his shoes, hops up on a chair and gives the alarm a wiggle. Am I hallucinating? Short circuit fixed. They all finally leave.


Train crash in between Luxembourg and France. Many people die. We call home to see what train it was. French Mother-in-Law says she can’t find the mailbox key.

We eat room service food while watching weird Japanese TV that is somehow still better than French TV. We agree to be nicer to eachother tomorrow. We fall asleep in the same twin-sized bed squeezed under one extra tiny, but extra fluffy duvet. We sleep really well.

No more arguing.

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