Sunday, November 05, 2006

Finally FIAC!


After almost 4 years of scheduling conflicts, French Boy and I finally made it to FIAC, only to be dissappointed. FIAC which is billed as the French art event of the year was in fact quite wimpy this year. Not to say that FIAC didn't try to give a decent showing, but it clearly paled in comparison to Art Basel which we had the pleasure to visit this summer. Even French Boy, who knows only the bare minimals about contemporary art, thought the whole thing was a bit limp.


I'm still kicking myself for not at least asking for the price on this Jean-Claude Van Damme Waffle Sculpture. Kicking myself I tell you!

In fact the double decker bus shuttle between the two exhibition locations (The Louvre & Grand Palais) was pretty much the highlight of the exhibition.


If you ever get a chance to take a ride on one of these buses, DO IT! To say the least we enjoyed it more than all the crappy art in FIAC combined. (and that's alot of crap!) We only wished the ride had been longer.


Let's face it. Paris never gets old. If you can plug your nose long enough to survive the piss smell in the Opera metro station, I guarantee you that the rest of Paris will win you over without even trying. It's just that charming.

Anyway, before we hopped the train home we finally had a chance to visit and meet the new baby of French Boy's oldest friends Florian and Adeline. Baby Solene is six months old and a total sweetheart.



And she totally enjoyed the hip noisemaking-vibrating baby gift that we bought her.

So it was a good weekend all around, but then again any weekend in Paris with a Handsome French Boy is always a good weekend.

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