Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween is dead.

Well it's official. Halloween is least in France.

This is incredibly heartbreaking to me because it happens to be my favorite American pseudo-holiday. I'll take witches & goblins over reindeer & slave-elves anyday.

So as a memorial to the very short & half-assed life of French Halloween, I wanted to post a photo of myself in one of my childhood halloween costumes, but after an exhaustive search, I could only come up with the following:

Me dressed up in my grandmother's old clothes.

Me riding my brother's fire engine while wearing wonder woman pajamas.

Me at my kindergarten dance recital dressed as a puppy?

My friends Kasia & Bart in NYC at the last Halloween party I went to where everyone was too cool to actually wear costumes.

And there ya have it. Dead.

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