Monday, December 11, 2006

Wassuuuup!? Did you miss me?

We have had the internet connection from hell for the past 3 weeks. It made blogging a very miserable experience. I just stopped doing it. But my lovely FrenchBoy arranged totally new and improved internet service for us and now our internet connection is straight "baller".

To celebrate our new connection I have some weekend blogging photos for you.


It's Christmas time in Centreville in Thionville again which of course means lights, lights, more lights, and a whole lotta drinkin'!

Wine and Waffles.

Drunk Ice-Skating

and of course Drunk Marching Bands.


Everybody I know was born in December. This weekend was Cousin Phillipe's Birthday. He is now "the same age as Jesus" as Tata Paulette pointed out as we slurped down champagne at his place. Fun was had by all.

Closing comment:

Lychees freak me out.


fashionista said...

On an entirely shallow note, Phillipe is good-looking.

Pam said...

Fun photos!

Enjoying your blog :)


buzzgirl said...

Lychees freak me out, too. They nasty.

buzzgirl said...

Oh, and est-ce que cousin Phillipe est célibataire?! Day-um.