Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekend Photo Blogging.

This blog entry has absolutely no theme or continuity, but it does contain some random goofy photos from our leisurely weekend.


For FrenchBoy and I, Friday night is “Date Night”. This Friday, as a break from our usual pasta vs. steak frites routine we decided to opt for Indian food, which we both love. Of course once we arrived in Center Ville we discovered that the best Indian Restaurant in the entire country had either moved or gone out of business. Our second dinner choice was the uhm….Pizza Hut. Shameful. I know. Shut up already.

After dinner we wandered around Luxembourg ville looking in shop windows. Although everyone makes jokes about how tiny a country Luxembourg is, if you’re ever in the BeneLux area, don’t miss the opportunity to wander around centreville. Day or night it’s always amusing and during Christmas season it’s twice as charming at night.

I mean, just look at this guy:

After dinner we arrived at our movie 30 minutes early because apparently I’m too retarded to properly read the movie listings correctly. As we waited in the theatre’s cafĂ© sipping Orangina, I thought to myself: “Wow, if this were our first date it would be classified as the crappiest date ever.”


At noon FrenchBoy’s friend Jean Jacque phoned us and invited us over for dinner. I immediately accepted because one, JJ and Noel are really fun people, and secondly because they have the cutest kids ever. Jehanne and Axel are just the cutest.

Axel insisted that I take a photo of his dancing. He didn’t like the first photo I took, so he promptly instructed me to take another. This is his favorite:

At 1AM we drove home. I vaguely remember the car ride and putting on pajamas.


Where’s the ibuprofen? We had an early lunch & Birthday celebration with French Mother-in-Law and French Father -in-law. ( FrenchBoy’s birthday is tomorrow!) We were a half hour late arriving on account of the previous night’s drunkenness and the after effects. Lunch was great. Then after all the festivities FrenchBoy helped French Father-in-law clean the attic. How’s that for a birthday gift!

French Father-in-law was elated however to find a 30 year old scrabble board shoved in there “right where I left it 20 years ago!”

Alrighty then.

The highlight of the evening was watching them argue about what was the best metho for carefully patching the sides of the Scrabble box back together with both scotch tape and duct tape.

French Mother-in-Law and I flipped through a stack of kitchen & bath catalogs and rolled our eyes.

Ok, that’s all I got.

So much excitement and glamour!

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