Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why I heart France: Reason # 6

It's fun to call my friends and family at 6PM eastern time and scream "Happy New Yeaaaaar!" drunkenly into the phone.

Sometimes if New Years happens to be on a weekday, they are actually still at their jobs working when they get my obnoxious call. That's right, while my Yank friends are in their cubicles printing TPS reports, we in France are already on our 2nd or 3rd bottle of champagne. I almost feel guilty. Almost.

Anyway, I don't have a new photo to post because we haven't started getting drunk yet, but here is a gem that I found from New years Eve 2005 when I hosted a surprise, extremely exclusive VIP soirée for my FrenchBoy. As you can see I went all out with the costumes. I'm just baller like that.
Happy New Year.

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buzzgirl said...

Happy New Year!

By any chance, did something happen to your RSS feed? It's not being picked up by Bloglines anymore, so I can't see when you update :(