Thursday, January 04, 2007

The First Annual "Party's Over!" Contest.

Well---We all survived yet another French New Year's Eve celebration inspite of the champagne flavored punishment we inflicted upon our livers. Forget about the poor brutalized birds, I have no doubt that right now I have foie gras!


Anyway I have this hilarious photo of French mother-in-law two-fisting champagne, but I'm way too lazy to think of a caption. So, leave your caption ideas in the comments section. I'll pick the bestest one and then I'll send you a huge French prize! Really. I will.

(And by "huge" I mean small and inexpensive.)

Good luck!


Sara said...

ahh i wanna win a Huge French Prize, but im feeling so uncreative. hmmm

how about:

"Here I brought you two bottles so you can get really drunk and then Frenchboy will knock you up and you can have my grandchild!"

buzzgirl said...

Hahaha @ what sara said! Except it would be more like "Je vous ai achetés deux bouteilles de Champagne donc vous pouvez être vraiment ivres et ensuite Frenchboy vous imprégnera et vous pouvez avoir mon petit-enfant!" Or something along those lines - my French grammar ain't what it used to be...

epiphany7 said...

ok, here's my caption:

< in fake french accent > "ZEES, my non-french daughter in law, is how eet's done! vvatch and learn!"