Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yet Another Lovely French Weekend.

Weekend Shopping and Fun 050

Well for the first time in what seems like a very very long time we were actually home in France for the weekend. And friends Jean-Jacque and wife Noelle were kind enough to invite us over for a Sunday Bar-B-Q. ( I am sure I have once again miss-spelled all of their namesas well as BBQ.)

We LOVE being invited to eat at Chez Noelle because she stuffs us full of great, food and wine and then lets us drink as many Nespresso coffees as our nervous systems can handle.

Weekend Shopping and Fun 027

At Lunch we also met Annick and Bruno who were accompanied by their lovely daughter Zoe.

Now usually after a few drinks my French miraculously improves. I thought I was following the conversation just fine until the Frenchboys started this heated exchange:

Whaaa? huh? WTF just happened? If you speak French, please be kind enough to translate this for me in the comments section. Seriously. I don't understand a word that was said.

Anywayz, after lunch the ladies took the kids out for a bit of French cow watching.

Weekend Shopping and Fun 056

Ok, mostly they were riding their bikes and we were watching the cows.

Weekend Shopping and Fun 053

Weekend Shopping and Fun 057

Eventually the French Boys joined us and fun was had by all as we practiced making our favorite farm noises.

Weekend Shopping and Fun 064

Weekend Shopping and Fun 058



Weekend Shopping and Fun 068

On the way home we walked by this mailbox, which doesn't seem at all out of the oridinary ...except for the fact that it's a US mail box. If you look close enough you can actually read the imprint.

Weekend Shopping and Fun 073

Now, my friends, I have seen it all!


buzzgirl said...

I admit it: I feel much better not having understood nary a word of that conversation, now that I know you didn't get it either!

Samantha said...

Man, that really was hard to understand. It's so hard when everyone's talking at the same time like that.

All's I got was that they were talking about some movie triology and that the first one was good, but the second and third ones were just okay. Then the guy on the right says that you have to have all three, otherwise it won't make any sense when you watch them.

And then guy on the left brings up "l'arme fatale" as an example and the guy on the right says he's going to buy the boxed set with all four movies.

PS. That mailbox is so random!!

Anonymous said...

Sam, you're my hero.

I'm hugging myself right now because I understood some of it. :0l While they're all talking at the same time, they seem to speak at a nice steady pace. My guy's friends all speak VERY quickly when in groups...which makes conversations with them nearly impossible.