Thursday, June 21, 2007

Floor Floor and more floor!

Well the Barbie Dream House officially has flooring!

barbie Dream TILES 023

After a rough start, (the company we were originally contracted with went out of business) we managed to pick out the floors we will be walking on in our new apartment. This may seem like an easy task, but it took us about 6 hours total to decide.

barbie Dream TILES 021

In France the floors of most homes are covered in tile: "carrelage", but being an American, I couldn't get past the fact that tile reminds me of a bathroom, so we only ended up using tiling for the kitchen and bathrooms of course.

barbie Dream TILES 019

In the end we found some basic neutral colored stuff. We went pretty "classique" in the two upstairs bathrooms. But for the downstairs bathroom I have this funky idea that everything should be black----très dramatique!

barbie Dream TILES 017

And don't you just love this color on the right---it's called "Natural Negro".

barbie Dream TILES 018


Mlle Smith said...

OMG, that literally made me cackle aloud..."natural negro".

Trina said...

I happened upon this blog by accident (been reading expat blogs a lot recently), and really liked what I was reading. Soon I was surfing through the archives when I thought "Don't I know her?!?!?!?".

Then I realized who you were!

Wow! We have never met personally, of course, but have exchanged mails during the time you were kind enough to add the story of my Moscow trip to your travel site.

I'm glad I "found" you here, have really enjoyed reading the blog, and will be back....


P.S. Your FrenchBoy is a real cutey!

buzzgirl said...

Hahahahah!!! Natural Negro?!

As an unnatural negro I find that hilarious!