Friday, June 15, 2007

Why I heart France: Reason #9

Did I mention that one of the reasons I love France so much is because I love the food?

birthday party 007


Thursday was French mother-in-law’s 40th birthday. *wink wink*


In normal French fashion we had a lovely family barbeque complete with gorgeous yummy food and of course lots of Wine and champagne.

birthday party 010

That’s all I have to say about that. The photos speak for themselves.

birthday party 002

France is Deee-liscious!


Jennifer said...

Wow, all that yummy stuff looks outstanding!

avec amy said...

That is one spread. While I miss American barbeques, your French cookout looks way more interesting than a bowl of potato salad and baked beans!

Tiffani Lane said...

Well Cousin...I am seriously hooked on your blog! Here I am at work...totally not working in total awe of the whole thing. Especially the food ***YUMMM***...being six months pregnant, I will say that is not hard to do! Nice to see that you are doing well! If you don't know who this is... it's Deana and Leslie annoying overweight sister.

Amanda said...

Hi ! Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog. you've got a great sense of humor & apparently you are super duper creative as well (although i haven't seen what you do). I'm a fellow expat like yourself in the north - if you want to have a look at who i am, take a look at my flickr site:
thanks for the great read ! :-)