Friday, July 13, 2007

Got Paint?

The Barbie Dream House has en exterior now!

Paris weekend 088

Thursday we went for a quick visit, which turned into a long visit in which we completely changed the master bathroom and made an emergency appointment to modify ALL of the components we had previously ordered.

July 2007 Apartment photos 006

This is what happens when you let two crazy kids design their own house.
I blame MTV cribs.

Paris weekend 106

Anyway, French Father-in-Law came along for the ride, so it was me and about 20 Frenchmen on a construction site. Somewhere in here there is a "How many French men does it take..." joke, but I'm just not clever enough to make it, so instead I give you the following:

July 2007 Apartment photos 015

Q. How many Frenchmen does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A. It doesn't matter; if you're depending on the French to do the job, it's screwed anyway.

That said, our apartment is practically ahead of schedule since 6 months late is considered early in France. We suspect we will be all moved in by the 2nd week of September. Watch out for the CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK below.

July 2007 Apartment photos 007

These guys were finishing putting down the last coat of grey crap on the guest bedroom when I arrived to take photos. Frenchmen are sexy?

Ass crack aside, I'm thrilled. You can't see me right now while you're reading this post, but I'm dancing. I'm doing the electric slide. No wait.... I have just switched to the running man complete with a white man's overbite.

Now you try! Don't stop! Get it, Get it!


Anonymous said...

that's some nice middleaged french butt crack there! your post notification thingy isn't working, i missed out on the last two posts!
I'm so excited for you and your new house! The best part is you are decorating it from scratch and no landlord to ask if you can paint the walls!

Angry Black Woman said...

What is up with the cars in france? They all are the size of my ass and I don't see any rims! WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THE RIMS!!!

Reb said...

thanks for helping me laugh about my own French construction site nightmare...and DAMN that's a serious ass crack!

Samantha said...

hey, can't find your email address anywhere - shoot me an email, and i'll send you that recipe ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Wowee madame K that is looking AWESOME!!! What changes did you make to the master BR? (- Joke)

Angry Black Woman said...

MZ. MadameK... My blog has another entry.

Angela in Europe said...

Seeing your blog for the first time. I saw your comment on mine but got busy and didn't come and visit :)
How true about the 6 weeks behind schedule being early....only in France, right?! It looks very spacious. Loved the picture of the crack.

MadameK said...

Angry- Indeed French cars are small....but then again so are French people. Also gas is 3 times as expensive in France so it's no wonder the gas tanks are smaller, non?

As far as the master bathroom goes---we changed uhm, everything. The sink, the furniture and the shower. It just felt to crowded so we downsized to smaller furniture and added a bigger italian style walk in shower.

Hopefully it works better now.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Its your cousin Deana. You are too crazy. I just love reading your adventures. Keep up the good work.