Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The highlight of my day.

Today while cleaning my brushes I did something incredibly stupid.

I squeezed a pallet knife.

Ok, what kind of doofus squeezes a knife?

Anyway, the cut is small but freakishly deep and since its on my middle finger, every time I flip someone off I start bleeding. I'm terrified that I may bleed out!

I would be laughing my butt off, but I'm too busy trying to decide whether or not I should head to L’hôpital for stitches.
Craaap. How stupid. Or as the French would say: "Oh la la. Quelle histoire!"


Angry Black Woman said...

I didn't realize pallet knives were that sharp. I personally would go to the hospital if it is deep, just to make sure it does not get infected. I know would be in a straight up panic if I couldn't flip the bird! Gotta go fix that one Mz. K!

Anonymous said...